Why Fax Automation?

Technology plays an important role in helping you better serve customers. Faxing may be considered “old-school” by many, but those of you in healthcare, financial services, government, professional services and manufacturing, know faxing is still a critical document management tool.

What is old school is manually handling those faxed documents. Deploying a fax automation solution like RightFax is a simple technology that is low risk, yet offers high rewards. Eliminate stand-alone fax machines and realize these benefits:

  • View, print, manage and send faxes directly from your desktop, email client and other front- and back-office applications for universal accessibility
  • Eliminate error-prone, inefficient manual processes such as printing, mailing and faxing documents individually
  • Ensure confidentially for your constituents through secure routing of documents directly to designated recipients
  • Get unattended, real-time, reliable delivery and receipt of business documents
  • Gain document tracking, storage, and reporting tools for an audit trail of fax communications, especially needed for regulatory compliance
  • Easily adjust your capacity with scalable technology
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining stand-alone fax machines and the accompanying consumables like paper and toner
  • Make your end users and IT department happy with a system that’s easy to install, use and manage

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