Microsoft Windows 7 for Print to Fax

Fax Guy Shawn recently shared with me a common RightFax issue that he has encountered while helping our support customers and he thought you would want to be in on the scoop too! Not all issues can be remedied via simple instructions and screenshots, but this one is pretty easy to follow. Our hope is that you can get through this one alone, but if you need us, we are here.

Basically, anytime a print driver is updated on the Windows 7 operating system with FaxUtil installed, some advanced properties on the RightFax Fax Printer get reset.  In order for Print to Fax to resume functionality, these settings need to be modified back to the way RightFax likes.  Click here to see the entire tutorial!

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  1. Nisha says

    We are having majoe issue with rightfax after moving to windows 7. we receive attachment via email and create fax from them using print ot fax. after moving to windows 7 the quality of faxes is very poor and unreadable.
    can you please suggest ways to improve the quality. If we print the attachment ; scan it with black and white option, they are much better but involves two extra steps.

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    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Nisha- Shawn (one of our awesome technical team members) is going to reach out to you. He has some ideas for you and hopefully will get you the result you are looking for! Have a great day!

  2. Dave says

    When you say updated drivers I will assume you mean a patch or actual install of an update vs. just changing a configuration. Does this also apply if the driver was changed on a server and pulled down?

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    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Dave- Thanks for the question! You are correct, the printer will only be affected if a patch or update is applied. Therefore, if a change was made to a print driver on a server, and was pushed down to the client level, I would expect the change to not affect the client, as there were no changes made directly to the OS. Let us know if you need anything else! Have a great day!

  3. Indramuga says

    Hi, I have installed the Right Fax 9.4 32 bit application in windows 7 x64. RightFax Printer is not shown/visible under Devices and Printer. Any steps to be followed. Or I need to go for 64bit Rightfax application?

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    • Fax Girl says

      Hello- Our Fax Guy Michael says:
      RightFax 9.4 Feature Pack 1 supports x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7.

      Prior to RightFax Client Installation, you will need to following these simple instructions:
      1. Install the HP LaserJet 4 Printer Drivers using Windows Update
      2. Disable User Account Control ¹
      3. Disable the Microsoft Windows Firewall ²

      ¹ If you cannot disable User Account Control, make sure you are logged into the client machine using a Local Administrator account. Also, use the “Run as Administrator” to launch the RightFax client setup.
      ² If you cannot disable the Windows Firewall, please make exceptions for TCP/IP ports 10520 & 10521.

      We hope that helps!

  4. juan Rodriguez says

    Is there any way from keeping the rightfax client from changing the print processor. Our users can’t change the configuration

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  5. Padmesh says

    Hi After going through all the steps mentioned above in the explanation I am still facing the issue. The Right Fax window do not pop up. Everytime I try to fax through my ms access applicaton a File is getting generated in “C:\ProgramData\Roaming\RightFax” with .PRT extension. When I checked file it says the I increased this memory from 663KB which was mentioned there to 5MB. Still not getting the issue fixed.Please help to solve the issue I am not able to proceed further. We have all settings exactly same as it is mentioend in our Windows 7 system.

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Padmesh-
      What version of RightFax are you using? Do you have the Print processor set to rfprint?

      If you are still having trouble, you may want to enlist the help of your RightFax Support provider. If you are not currently supported, please call us and we can get you a quote for T&M and help you out.


  6. Velinda says

    I am having troubl with windows 7 fax, it prints out all faxes instead of going into Fax and Scan log. What can I do?

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Velinda- That sounds like a Windows 7 issue. You might want to contact Microsoft Support. Good luck to you & have a great weekend!

  7. Aaron says

    I seen in a previous post that this was fixed in Rightfax 10.5. Is there anything that can be done on 9.4 to stop this from happening. We have thousands of user that use right fax so when this pops it causes major problems for our service desk. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have a batch file setup to change these in order to speed up the printer change but would like to to stop it from happening all together.

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Aaron- I asked our expert RightFax team and unfortunately in version 9.4 there is nothing that can be done to stop this from happening. A possible work-around would be a login script that sets the fax printer to the settings they require via registry changes. This would prevent the issue from appearing “as much”. Just as a heads-up, as you may already know, RightFax v9.4 is nearing End-of-Life and will no longer be supported by OpenText after May 31, 2014. This might be a good time to look into upgrading, as this issue has been resolved in subsequent releases. Are you currently under a support & maintenance contract? I can certainly have one of our account managers call you to discuss The Fax Guys support options and services. Happy Holidays! (Here is a link to our support page: )

      • Aaron says

        Thanks for all the info. I will get with our telecom team and see what our plan for this change is. We were trying to stay away from scripts if at all possible but may end up having to go this route to keep this from slaughtering our team on a regular basis.

  8. Edie says

    I am looking for a fix for the document quality. I am right faxing PDF binders and some of the pages are comming through clear while others are unreadable and blurry. I have changed multiple settings on both the right fax and the Adobe PRO with no success. I have Windows 7 and version 9.4 Right Fax.

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Edie-
      You can try the following, which was documented in the SR2 readme for 9.4 Fp1 SR2.

      To improve conversion quality of some PDF files, add a string value to the registry of each work server that does conversion:
      1. Open the Windows Registry Editor to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Rightfax\Worksrv\Worksrv#.
      (x64: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Wow6432Node\ Rightfax\Worksrv\Worksrv#)

      2. Create a new string value called GSPostScriptCode

      3. Double-click the new string value to edit it.

      4. Set the string value to:
      < < /Install { {0.90 gt { 1 } { 0 } ifelse } settransfer } >> setpagedevice

      5. Click OK.

      I hope this helps!

  9. Andy Ramirez says

    We are running RightFax 10.0 Enterprise w/SR3. One of our using is unable to fax using the installed Rightfax client. She receives the error – Problem Converting Fax Body or Cover Sheet – . Her machine is Windows 7 and she also has Office 2010. Can you provide any suggestions for resolution? Note: if we use Quick fax and attach a PDF file, the fax completes but all others fail.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Andy! It sounds like you do not have PDF Module installed. Is that correct? PDF Module is required if you are going to attach a PDF to a fax using FaxUtil.
      PDF Module is not required to send a PDF using the Print to Fax/RightFax Fax Printer option. If you need to purchase PDF Module, we can help you with that. Let me know if you want someone on our sales team to reach out to you. Thanks!

    • Fax Girl says

      Another thought…A problem converting fax body or coversheets typically refers to a faulty or bad coversheet (bad code perhaps). If this is a coversheet that is used by others without issue then it could be the version of Office installed on the server. Office 2010 is supported with Rightfax 10.0 as of SR4. The correct and supported version of Office needs to be installed on the Rightfax server for server side conversion. Server side conversion happens when a user sends a fax with a Word other Office attachment.

  10. Doug says

    We found this and nothing worked until the following.

    I have requested the open text update knowledge base.

    Steps Tried:
    Uninstall, reboot, install – 9.4 No Change
    Repeat using 10.5 latest fr/sp- No Change

    This is what we found:
    When attempting to print from any application to right fax printer, getting error:
    A StartDocPrinter call was not issued

    It appears Adobe Flash has a file format that ends in *.SPL which is exactly the same file extension our “spool” files are trying to send. It appears Flash Player attempted to hijack this format. When going to that folder, in Explorer, Windows detected those files (that were rightfully there, where they should be in the Spool\Printers folder) as Adobe Flash files. That file format should be showing up as Uknown or not be associated with any program at all, so removing that program, then rebooting (to clear the system), then clearing the corrupted *.SPL and *.SHD files truly cleans things up.

    Step 1. Start, Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs or, Programs and Features (if they are on 7) Step 2. Locate, and remove Adobe Flash Player. Close all windows after you’re done. Reboot.
    Step 3. Open Windows Explorer. Go to Windows\System32\Spool\Printers folder and stay there.
    Step 4. Click Start, Run, type SERVICES.MSC and hit enter Step 5. Locate and stop the Spooler Service Step 6. Return to step 3, and delete all *.SPL and *.SHD files located there.
    Step 7. Return to step 5, and restart the Spooler Service
    Step 8. Verify RightFax configuration is valid, (set right printer, ensure set to RightFax and not Windows etc. Save settings)
    Step 9. Open Notepad
    Step 10. Test printing. It should now work.

  11. George says

    We, have a 9.4 sp1 SR 4 server that has the pdf conversion module and it corrupting pdf documents that the user has scanned in via omtool’s accouroute product. One of my users scanned in a 3 page document then when he tried to send it to the person it got converted into a 400+ page document.

    We found this out after his inquiry about why the fax had not gone through.

    Any ideas on why this would be happening? (I am not going to be able to upgrade the rightfax part system fyi)

    So that is a non-starter. =(

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi George-
      TGIF from The Fax Guys!
      I asked some of our amazing tech team “guys”:
      One “guy” said: Most likely the Rightfax Fax Printer print driver was changed to something other than HP LaserJet 4. Need to verify that the print driver for that client is set to HP Laserjet 4.

      Another “guy” said: If they are doing a Print to Fax, I would make sure the driver for the Rightfax Fax Printer is correct (HP Laserjet 4 or HP Laserjet 5200 series) If they are submitting any other way, we most likely would need to debug Conversion services and check for NativeDocControl registry keys.

      George, are you with an Authorized Support Provider? If not, let me know and we can talk to you about this further. Feel free to call 952-224-3340 another great resource is RightFax University! Check it out!
      Have a great weekend! FaxGirl

  12. ariel says

    Hi, im from argentina and we have Right Fax 10.5. the idea is to use it as a normal printer over XenDesktop, is there a way? can you help me? thanks!

    • Fax Girl says

      Hello there!
      There is a way, but it goes beyond the level of support we can offer from a blog post article, and requires a standing support contract with Opentext or an authorized reseller. Are you currently in support with OpenText or an Authorized Support Reseller? I would suggest you start there. Good luck to you!

  13. Carlos Beltran says

    righfax does not open fax dialog box in notepad when I’m in a Citrix session (XenApp7.6). Locally works fine..

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you!!!

    • Fax Girl says

      Hey there Carlos!

      Wow, that is just one of those issues that could be troubleshooted numerous ways. Do you have a current RightFax Support provider? You may want to see if they can walk you through some of the options. If you are not currently under support, we would be happy to connect you with a Fax Guy to discuss our support options. We would love to work with you! Give us a call! 952-224-3340 Option 1

      Have a great day! – FaxGirl

  14. Stephanie says

    Hi! Is there a way to change the Configure Client RightFax Printer from Windows to RightFax via registry fix? We have users that are not admins on their pc to make that change. To change it, we have to login as admin on the pc, then make the change and then have the user log on. We are using RightFax 9.4. Thanks so much!

    • Fax Girl says

      TGIF Stephanie!

      I asked one of our rock-star techs & he said:
      The registry key is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\RightFax Fax Printer, with the key value needing to be set to “Processor”=”RFPrint”. I would recommend running this key in a login script of some sort, that way any time it changes, you can just have the user log off and back on and it should flip it back.

      I hope that helps! Have a super weekend! For more RightFax assistance check out our RightFax University (an online RightFax learning website) –

  15. Jose Rivera says

    We just upgraded from 9.4 to 10.5 fp1 SR2 because of the issue of when updates come in it breaks the printer selection and reverts it to windows.

    Does anyone know of any issues that are still occurring or possible reasons why it would still break on some machines? I would say it’s happening on a handful of machine. Possibly 20-40 users out of about 2000

    • Fax Girl says

      Hi Jose!
      It’s really hard to say without knowing more details of your environment.
      -Your version of Windows may not be supported.
      -You may need to uninstall/re-install the Client
      -etc. . .
      Do you have a current RightFax Support provider? Would you like to have a call with someone here to discuss our support options? Let us know! 952-224-3340 Option 1

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