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Industries like healthcare, financial services, government and manufacturing know faxing is a critical document management tool.

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Did you know that you lose money every second your RightFax system is down? Your support experience with us will be the best!

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You change your car's oil regularly so why not a health check up on your RightFax server? Keep your investment in top-notch working order.

Why The Fax Guys?

It’s pretty bold to call ourselves The Fax Guys. But we’ve been exclusively focused on fax automation using RightFax since 1998.

Still Not Sure What To Do?


Start out by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are we using for faxing now?
  • What is my monthly page volume (incoming & outgoing faxes)?
  • What is my budget & time frame?
  • What phone system are we using?
Once you have uncovered the answers, give us a call to talk about OUR solution to YOUR faxing needs:
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